What is FireWebSSO Server?

FireWebSSO server, is the server side (sic!) of the FireWebSSO addon for FireFox (2 and 3) and SeaMonkey.

This server is already running at www.firewebsso.com but you may deploy and use your own private FireWebSSO server for your private needs; for example inside your intranet or for your own community.

FireWebSSO is a Single Sign-On (SSO) addon relying on a dedicated Server to store securely logins/passwords/notes and site descriptions crypted by the navigator. The server side can be either an Apache server and the FireWebSSO Fast-CGI (with/without SSL) or a standalone server (without SSL support).


The server sources are not yet available.

Source code needs a good cleanup before release, mainly to be more readable and easy to compile on various OS.

The Windows version will be also released as a standalone Windows service.

Our goals

www.firewebsso.com Our goal is to provide you the ability to use your login and password, securely, from any Firefox navigator, at home, at work, well virtually anywhere, on any Operating System, without duplicating your password database. No more loss of your precious logins/passwords when your harddisk crashes.